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Each day the world is taking new strides in terms of growth and development. All this happens due to the sync between four aspects of learning. STEM which is an amalgamation of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, plays a critical role in every job, every home, and every aspect of advanced learning. The integration of STEM disciplines is critical for all students, not just those who are naturally proficient in math and science. Successful STEM programs engage a broad range of student interests and abilities. Learning must be truly personalized; it must be individualized, differentiated and relevant to the interests and experiences of

each and every student. This is possible only in a STEM Lab. It is only in the STEM lab where concoction of Arts, Creativity and Innovation takes place with STEM. With its practical approach, STEM labs help the students to develop the ability to contemplate, which is a very powerful tool in education is. At STEM Lab students are engaged in high quality, hands-on STEM learning experiences.STEM labs help the students to be problem solvers, risk takers, critical thinkers and innovators by taking positions on real world problems. By working through a combination learning strategies they discover the nature of a problem.
In the contemporary era of learning, STEM education is an emerging system that has transformed the definition of science and mathematics in the field of academics. Aiming to provide scientific edification through the platform of practicality, knowledge is imparted about understanding of technology and engineering through fun learning activities and mind building methodologies. The purpose of 'redefining education' is to develop creative skill, venture new ideas for problem solving, time management and the application of machines as a tool for scholastic enhancement and thematic understanding. The objective of STEM education is to put together the concepts that are taught individually as subjects so that they can be applied in real life situations. STEM particularly stands for- Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. The concept focuses on strengthening the analytical skill of the students that would enhance their ability to excel in different fields of these subjects. Have you ever thought that the subjects like mathematics and science can be enjoyed and applied to real life situations? Through STEM education, these subjects are made interesting with the use of handy equipments for better understanding. Activity based learning is provided to the students of K-12 using proper curriculum methods and approaches. STEM integrates all the four subjects into cohesive learning archetype that is based on real life situations. This form of edification inculcates creativity and innovation in the mind of young innovators and prepares them for solving problems realistically.