PlayBotics League

This event gives the opportunity to develop necessary skills from the beginning
so that it becomes part of their natural learning. In our competition PLAYBOTICS League, children are immersed in a playful learning environment and challenges. Through their participation, children reinforce their learning(s) through hands
on learning methodology. Children develop skills like Social Emotional, Cognitive, Creative and Physical Development, while becoming more self-confident.
NeoRobos firmly believe that we should start at Pre-School level when the minds
can be molded easily and are adaptive to new technology. At early stage, children
are better equipped.


  • Have an auditable events to measure the learning.
  • Teaching control and directional language.
  • We are helpful, kind, and show respect when we work, play, and share.
  • We are all winners.
  • We have fun!

Playbotics League

Professional team that aims to respect your children feelings, to give them responsibility,
independence and freedom to make choices.

PlayBotics League Videos

Let us help your kids start their education in a warm, loving, happy envirement.